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tv   Cashin In  FOX News  January 14, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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it is near the 52 week. that's it for forbes on fox. thank you for watching and come back next week. keep it right here right now. >> it is it a big win for environmentalist this week about to whalop the economy. they are scoring a major victory. he held back a lot of the reckalation . now we are learning that they are slapping fines on companies for not using a biofuel that doesn't exist. should job creators worry. i am cheryl casoiny on. welcome to cashing in. we have pay and also joining us this week is sally cone. and welcome to all of you and we want to start with you.
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the new epa power grab will short circuit job recovery. what is the connection, wane. it is not whether it is good or bad. it is the something that doesn't exit. they are so voted with power. they are dictating to the private sector. you have to do this or we will fine you in excess of 6 million. whatever the number is. it is outrageous. >> 6.8 million and fines that are leveled in 2011 for a biofuel that doesn't doesn't exist. they love animals and they hate people. and that's who they are
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hurting here. it is absurd and passing regulations like that that people can't comply with. it shows the degenerate nature of the trea. they punish those who want to use fossil fuels. >> i am surcould you say if they should be cog niwrant and how they enforce them or not because you do have high unemloyment right now. >> before the environmental protection agency hundreds of children were dying in premature deaths and being affected by birth detects and polluted water and air. we do care about people number one. it is whether or not how they implement rules .
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let's be the problem is not regulation that is hurting the interest but secondly to be clear they create innovation and demanding companies find new ways. they may be costing 6 million to the oil company. and it is regulation that makes sense. this is regulation that makes sense, tracey. doing away where business does not suffer. i go back to a fuel that is not available. >> regulation is the second complain. funds that we are pay therefore we can't turn into employee checks is hurting small businesses left and right. we need it. but don't need it now. you don't think that the media
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is pointing out that children were dying? we would figure it out. we don't need the government to do it. but we need corporate america to figure it out on its own. not an agency that is wasting money. they are out to help with fuel from the vehicles and do we need to reevaluate how they are managed by the epa. >> i have no idea how we get on dying children, but that is what happens. when you don't have contacts and facts, you bring them down to a emotional argument and that is kids are dying and corn husks and they biodegreat . we are talking about the enzymes that break them down in over two days. and yet the epa is focused on that . put it in context. 8 million gallons a you year
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is what they want. the key stone pipe line, wait a minute. furnished 23 billion gallons a year of gas that is going to go to chine or the united states. that is real jobs. and to be fair that is a different debate that. was about creating jobs. if we make our own energy in this country safely without harming the environment. that would create jobs. >> first most of the key stone oil would go abroad . we are talking about making energy safely and talk about incent vising the private sector. business will only invest in that, and it will cost less than a few lawsuits if we have dead children. >> you want to use it as a way to go after the environmental protection agency.
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>> no. it is about being accountable and doing what is right and legal. and that again shows the depravity of the green movement. it is a part that equates driving a car with killing children. that is disgusting and talk about incentizing. look at 150 million, maybe that is chump change to you. resources and drown the drain. 80 million to a company part yawlly owned by gm down the drain. all of the green incentives are flushing money down the drain. that hurts the taxpayers. >> government doesn't think before it acts. it shoots first and acts questions later. look at solyndra. no one did due diligence. we throw rules and regulation for pr purposes. we throw out key word and we don't know why the heck we are
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doing it and all it does is cost business money. >> wayne, if businesses do things to the are harmful for the environment they are sued. that's what attorneys are. >> this is not about the greenment or children being killed it is the arrogance of a stupid agency that is bloated out of control and promoigating rule that is can't be complied with. if you say good intent that is world champion. but these people are morons. this is a agency full of people who don't know what they are doing. if somebody said you have to do this? you can't comply. gee, we'll fine you anyway. >> wayne, this is not about the green movement. a ethanoyl is a game changer. but focusog that and looking at jobs that need to be created.
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epa needs to rule is it safe or not. if it is safe it creates 200,000 and they will not make a ruling. is it safe or not safe. you are killing the economy. >> job creator if done the right way. >> look, we give billions to big oil and they can pay the price of an incentive to create better fuel and that will create jobs for the future. >> great discussion, everybody. and don't move anywhere. it is never boring on carbin'. soaring oj prices and the government denial of what is holding back the economy . controversial math lessons. and the benefits of private education. this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. r science teacher helped us build it. ♪
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the inflation squeeze.
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it is about to get tighter. and this is after a banned chem hem was found in the juices. it is not just orange juice. why does the government deny inflation exists. >> they have a vested interest. they admit it shows up blame the financers. it is across the board and comes in fraudulent printing of money. it hirts the poor the most and terrible for the money. they are rising substantially.
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they pull out food and energy. if they act on that. it is every time it changes. but to deny that the cost of living is going up is ridiculous. it is all going up. that makes it harder for people who are not seeing page increase. i don't care who is laughing. that is the truth and what the average american is feeling. >> you know in the age of tight wallets. any bit hurts the american family . we'll see it in the huge price jump. >> i assume that everyone agrees that we should do it. maybe it is part of the
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solution is putting more money in the people's pictures. >> they are handing out money. >> i mean making sure minimum wage is high yer better adjusted for inflation. this is like the big boogie man. it is causing inflation. consumer price index grew average 1.5 percent. inflation is not the, it has not proven the problem that people say it has. they can't find other way to attack. hold on, a second. pricing power of the consumer. this matters to you. does this matter to the economy though? >> of course it matters to the economy. it makes it much less productive and dysfunctional. and it is used as a justification and more government intervention and more controls and keeps the
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economy down and productivity under wraps. are you worried about the -- sally's numbers are right in the sense that inflation has not shown itself yet. you have the federal monetary policy that keeps it low . artificially . as johnathon said. that geny is going to jump out of the battle and we'll have a run away. let me finish. what you are saying, we are holding inflation down. it is down yes. in the next six months in july and august you will see a big rise. >> one of the things about the orange juice story. this was something that we could not control and that pushed orange juice futures to
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a high. and what they are most worried about. we have no shock obsorver in the system. it is so easy but any susstemic jock. and we have them assassinated in iran. if that blows up, we don't have the shock absorber to handle that up until now we are seeing it in different pockets. but we have to do something to complete the gap. >> it is so arrogant and tell me there is no inflation because of a camculation that include variablings. what matter to me. food and gas. i have to feed my kid and gas to get to work. thatthere is no wage increase. how can you laugh and you have
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a child. >> come on. >> it is wrong. it is wrong. come on. you are doing the same thing over and over. it is insane. >> i can promise six months from now. if we have genuine. >> call it what you want. >> it is scary. >> but the problem is raising interest rates in a recession and that's what we are forced with. >> we have more coming up on carbin in. coming up. using slavery to teach the third graders math. is it time for parent to demand private education for their kids or tracey burns will come to the classroom. ing, plus, in-branch seminars at over 500 locations, where our dedicated support teams help you know more so your money can do more.
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[ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. our teams have the information you want when you need it. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. >> coming up. a math assignment referring to
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slavery . why it is a better and less costly education
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>> one passenger called it a scene from the tiitantic. a luxury cruise chip ran around. hull split open and 4000 forced to evacuate. three people have been kill 69 others are not accounted for. >> a federal judge sided with obama administration. a gun store owner reports when customers buy multiple high powered dollars. gun owners said that regulates gun sales. it went into affect when atf agents lost the track of the
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weapons. and a forum hosted by governor huckabee. we'll have more stories in the top of the hour. did you hear about this? public school teacher in georgia under fire for using slave analogies to teach math problems to third graders. the school is investigating the matter. tracey said that is why we need vouchers. >> the woman has not lost her job is a crying shame . look, no one will get in there and change the public school systems like so many want them to, let me choose what i want to do. you know what, public schools spend more money for pupils. and it is more efficient for state to dole out the money to parents. >> wayne we need more vouchers in schools? >> i am not sure that that is
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the answer. so much more fundmental here. i believe that the local school district boards should control the schools . the problem lies with the parents and not taking enough interest in what is going on with the children and education and that would cure it. >> i don't know where to start with this one. public school was created so the kids and grand kids of slaves could get the same quality of education. >> hang on. the vouchers tend to be used by well off and white families especially in the south where private schools were created. if we care about a quality education we should invest in public school. i don't understand how we use one bad egg. fix it for all kids rather than getting kids a leg up through the vouchers.
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>> the concern about the education system. we are not preparing our young for the right type of positions. and the country can be successful decade and generations from now. >> more has gotten involved the worst it has become. the government has a monopoply . folks are forced to pay for this. they are disgusting. and the fact that folks are forced in a free market and choose where you want to send the kid toz school. and how you want to pay for it that's why it is so terrible. >> john last word? >> we continue to move down. globally we have great teachers out there. race to the top and both great program they were not funded. what bloomburg wants to do get rid of bad teachers. what we are doing is not working. >> thank you for joining us.
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john lay thereto field. nuclear scientist. and following a explosion and also blamed on israel and this could drive up rates in the world. it is probably the way to play it. >> bermuda, interesting. wayne rogers what do you have? >> we are talking about inflation. that attracts a number of
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commodities. >> johnathon. >> and what about a greek shipping company. and that is when you spit in the devil's eye to know that you are alive. it is in a troubled part of the world i know. there is the healthy dev dend. it is a volatile week for us. >> i think you have to look over the longer term. and risk assets is the making sense for the portfolio. and wayne? >> i gree. i am looking six or seven months. i think johnathon is right. >> never boring on carbin in of course. great to have you as usual and doing what you do at home. and neil cavuto will be here live for a special cost of the freedom and cori


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